I have a MySQL database set up with Hostway, how can I connect to it?
Navicat (Windows) can successfully connect to Hostway's MySQL database by using SSH Tunnel feature. We have done testing with Hostway's hosting account. It can work successfully.

With SSH tunnel feature, Navicat can connect with most hosting companies' MySQL databases unless their servers won't support remote SSH connection. Hostway's server supports SSH connection. It's not necessary to configure MySQL privileges system. For more information on SSH tunnel feature, please visit at http://www.navicat.com/ssh_tunnel.php.

In Hostway's Site Control panel, after you added your MySQL database, the database host address should be similar as "mysqlxx.siteprotect.com" . For our example, it is "mysql10.siteprotect.com" which assigned by Hostway.

In the Connection Window of Navicat, fill in the followings:

[General Settings]
Connection Name: hostway
Host name/IP address: mysql10.siteprotect.com
Port: 3306
User name: my_database_username
Password: my_password

[SSH Settings]
Host name/IP address: www.myhostway_domain.com
Port: 22
User name: My_ssh_username
Password: My_password

If you use a SSH client program to login, you can use the command "mysql -h mysql10.siteprotect.com -u username -p" to access your MySQL database by command line. If you use Navicat to connect, you can fill in the same information in Connection Properties Window of Navicat.
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